WP1 Multi-scale multi-channel data acquisition and processing (Aston lead)

  • WPO1.1. To develop skills in real-time multi-scale multi-channel acquisition using methods developed for a particular type of data.
  • WPO1.2. To develop skills in preliminary quantitative analysis of embedded hidden periods in multi-channel
  • WPO1.3. To develop skills in numerically efficient and fast multi-scale multi-channel data acquisition, storage and processing.

Work Package Leader:  Professor Sergei K. Turitsyn

WP2 Quantitative methods of statistical analysis of the multi- scale multi-channel diagnostic data (UNIBS lead)

  • WPO2.1 Training on statistical methods used in complex and chaotic physical systems.
  • WPO2.2 Development of new statistical methods of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data analysis
  • WPO2.3 To develop capability in efficient time consuming parallel statistical processing of multi-scale multi-channel data

Work Package Leader: Professor Stefan Wabniz and Dr Fabio Baronio

WP3  Non-invasive generating diagnostic data from cardiovascular pulsations of the human body (DIASENS lead)

  • WPO3.1 to develop a prototype of the for multi-channel non-invasive diagnostic data acquisition.
  • WPO3.2 to prepare protocol and collect data from healthy volunteers in laboratory conditions and from patients with different heart diseases in the hospital;
  • WPO3.3 to perform inter correlation, cross-correlation and statistical data analysis to determine hidden diagnostic markers for specific hearth diseases using concepts of Shannon entropy, Kullback–Leibler cross-entropy and Fisher information.

Work Package Leader: Professor Ljupčo Hadžievski

WP4 Schools and workshops

Workshops have been established as the fore to support researchers in preparation of joint papers, grant applications and fellowship applications. These activities are critical focal points for the long-term sustainability of the network and will be facilitated by local research support office experts. Some events will be held outside the sites of the collaborators using extra-funding.#
Schools within the planned conferences (Photonica 2017 and Photonica 2019 in Belgrade) will be the vehicle through which participants will engage with the wider scientific community in Europe and worldwide. We will propose to contribute to and/or lead specific Schools in partnership with other organisations

Work Package Leader:  Professor Sergei K. Turitsyn

WP5  Management and Communication

This work package concerns all the management aspects of the project and monitoring of progress towards the ultimate objectives of CARDIALLY. Three distinct management functions and tasks are required to meet the objectives of the project: (i) administrative and financial management; (ii) technical research project steering and (iii) secondment and knowledge transfer steering.

Work Package Leader:  Professor Sergei K. Turitsyn

WP6 Ethics