Schools and Workshops

Knowledge sharing between the CARDIALLY partners is being achieved through a combination of training experiences, cooperative exchanges and workshops between the collaborators and Schools within the wider community. The Workshops are open to the scientific community and help to establish new inter-EU and worldwide links and build a strong network within the Project’s topics.

To date, the following CARDIALLY workshops have been organised:

CARDIALLY workshop: Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data on PHOTONICA 2017, 29 August 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

CARDIALLY workshop on nonlinear time series within the Summer School – “Complexity in Nonlinear Photonics” , 5-29 September, 2017 in Como, Italy

ML_Photonica 2019, a machine learning symposium/workshop coinciding with the biannual international conference PHOTONICA 2019, Belgrade, Serbia