CARDIALLY Workshop at PHOTONICA 2017, 29th August 2017

VI International School and Conference on Photonics – PHOTONICA2017 took place in Belgrade, Serbia (28 Aug – 1 Sep, 2017).
PHOTONICA2017 included five days of tutorial, keynote and invited lectures, progress reports, contributed talks and poster presentations. It is conceived as a school for educating young scientists and the conference facilitating the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in cutting-edge research in Europe and beyond. It brings together not only the scientists from academic and government research institutions, but also the partners from high-tech industry. This concept proved to be very successful in the last five meetings, with participation of more than 200 eminent scientists, young researchers, and companies representatives from the field of photonics.

The PHOTONICA2017 continued with the tradition and attracted over 240 participants with presenting 5 tutorial lectures, 7 keynote lectures, 20 invited lectures, 9 progress reports and 174 poster presentations.

CARDIALLY Workshop Programme:

  1. Ljupco Hadzievski/DIASENS, Current status of the CARDIALLY project
  2. Karina Litvinova/AMRI, Compact lasers for innovative non-invasive biomedical research and diagnostics
  3. Fabio Baronio/UNIBS, ECG Measures of Ventricular Fibrillation to Predict Defibrillation Outcome
  4. Vladan Vukcevic, DIASENS/School of medicine, Belgrade University, Heart failure and clinical studies
  5. Marjan Miletic/DIASENS, Ejection fraction calculation using multiparametric cardiac measurement system
  6. Marija Ivanovic, Aleksandar Lazovic/DIASENS, Design of the multichannel data acquisition device
  7. Bosko Bojovic, DIASENS, IP generation and commercialization perspectives of CARDIALLY project

The presentations covered achievements and future perspectives of the project from three project partners (UNIBS, ASTON and DIASENS).

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