Tasks on Secondments of DIASENS Researchers

Researchers from DIASENS Dr. Aleksandra Maluchkov and Dr. Marija Ivanovic completed recently their secondments to one of the CARDIALLY partners UNIBS. Both researchers are developing new statistical methods, based on the study of complex and chaotic systems in nature (oceans, biological systems, photonics, matter-wave, social networks, etc) where extreme events, i.e. rogue waves, and synchronization phenomena may occur. We attempt to apply them to analyse irregular ECG fibrillation waveforms and to try to progress in predictability of such events. Universal statistical behaviours in complex systems in nature, offers possibly precursors for the early prediction of the occurrence of catastrophic events in different contexts. The first steps on this route resulted in a some of the publications published in the past. Aleksandra and Marija plan to mix all these statistical concepts (entropy based, waiting time probability, wavelet analysis, random-walk approach, machine learning, neural networks) and apply to ECG and other types of human signals, as those originating from electroencephalography and neuronal phenomena, as well as to the investigation of extreme events in different physical media.

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